Jaime Harrison received the first donation to a federal candidate from Hillary Clinton, his “mentor”

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham’s (R-South Carolina) campaign launched its latest television, digital, and radio ads entitled, “Draft Choice.”

The ads focus on Harrison’s close ties to failed presidential candidate and New York liberal, Hillary Clinton, and his support for their shared radical agenda.  Harrison was the first federal candidate to receive a donation from Hillary’s PAC, so he’s called “Hillary Clinton’s first-round draft choice” in the ads.  Harrison’s personal relationship with Clinton, whom he has called his “mentor,” “role model,” and “champion,” is also noted in the ad.  Much like his other mentor, Nancy Pelosi, Harrison shares their support for government-run healthcare, higher taxes, late-term abortion, and free healthcare for illegal immigrants.  These radical positions are far too liberal for South Carolina.

“Among all the candidates for House and Senate in the country, Jaime Harrison was the first-round draft choice to receive the first PAC donation from Hillary Clinton,” said T.W. Arrighi, Communications Director for Team Graham.  “Harrison supports the radical agenda of his liberal mentors Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi: government-run healthcare, higher taxes, and late-term abortion. While Mr. Harrison may try to convince South Carolinians otherwise, he would be a rubber stamp for the socialist agenda of the Democratic Party.”