Jaime Harrison has spent millions on advertising, but he’s purposefully left out a lot

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham’s (R-South Carolina) campaign launched its latest television and digital ad entitled, “Player.”

The ad plays audio clips of Democrat Jaime Harrison praising House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  He refers to Pelosi as an “inspiration” and “mentor,” and he declares that working under her leadership were “some of the greatest years” he had in his professional career.  The ad concludes that if Harrison admires Speaker Pelosi and her leadership that much, he is far too liberal for South Carolina.

“Jaime Harrison has liberal mentors and supports radical policies that are wildly out of step with the people of South Carolina, and he’s doing everything he can to divert attention from his political background,” said T.W. Arrighi, Communications Director for Team Graham.  “This ad makes it clear to the people of South Carolina that a vote for Jaime Harrison is a vote for the extreme agenda of Nancy Pelosi.”