Jaime Harrison is spending an unprecedented $1 million dollars per week, 93% of which is from out-of-state, to buy South Carolina’s Senate Seat

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham’s (R-South Carolina) campaign launched its latest television and digital ad entitled, “Cashopoly.

The ad focuses on the staggering 93% of Democrat Jaime Harrison’s campaign funding that comes from outside of South Carolina.  It features a “Cashopoly” boardgame that highlights some of the long list of Hollywood elites and Democrat big-wigs who have chipped in to Harrison’s campaign: Speaker Nancy Pelosi and fellow California liberals [who account for 22% of Harrison’s donations], Senator Chuck Schumer, Secretary Hillary Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden, Barbara Streisand, and more.

“Jaime Harrison’s playbook is clear: Raise money from West Coast liberals who hate Lindsey Graham and use the money to blanket South Carolina with ads that avoid his radical positions on the issues,” said T.W. Arrighi, Communications Director for Team Graham.  “Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton are helping bankroll Harrison’s campaign because they want to take over the U.S. Senate and push their socialist agenda.  South Carolinians won’t let liberal Californians buy a third seat in the U.S. Senate.”